Concrete Decorative Finishes

texture plus stain

We can repair cracks and surface damage e.g pitting and scaling

patio "before"


This is an example of a concrete patio that was resurfaced. We repaired all surface scaling and pitting and also repaired large cracks. We used Elite Crete modified concrete products to resurface the concrete with a troweled texture, created the bands, and stained the surface in multiple shades of gray. The finishing touch was two coats of a clear sealer. The final product will out-perform the original concrete by many years.


When your concrete needs replacing, call Denver’s concrete repair experts. Chroma Decorative Finishes is Denver’s leading choice when you want a concrete finish that is visually captivating. Our expertise in crafting decorative overlays will improve the appearance of your old concrete.

We train our concrete specialists in a variety of concrete repair techniques. We can eliminate large cracks and even cover surface pitting or scaling. Our renovation work adds decades of service life to any concrete surface, whether indoors or out.

We can texture the application of Elite Crete to create rustic, quaint or eclectic styles. When coupled with the right stain and sealer, you have with a rich-looking product. Moreover, we also design your concrete with different stain colors and shading techniques, as requested.

If you’re contemplating any concrete project in the Denver Metro area, call Chroma Decorative Finishes. We will provide professional results at a great value.